“We hit Crown Forces with Explosively Formed Projectile” Claim IRA – Saoradh Nuacht

The Irish Republican Army has said it is confident it struck a Crown Forces armoured vehicle with an ‘explosively formed projectile’ in Co Tyrone last week, according to a statement carried in today’s Irish News.

A number of Crown Force personnel were patrolling Strabane last Tuesday night when an explosion took place at Townsend Street. The PSNI described the attack as a “roadside bomb”. Sustaining no injuries the Crown Force’s fled the area and did not return for a number of hours.

It is said that EFP’s are armour piercing and can be fired over a long distance, developed in Iran they were indigenously manufactured and used extensively by Iraqi insurgents. A number of EFP’s have been used in recent years by the IRA in attacks in Belfast and Derry against Crown Force targets. In their statement today the IRA said ” the EFP contained Semtex and was triggered by command wire at the target from nine feet” they also said the EFP was moved from another location to avoid “civilian vehicles”.

In the days after the attack, the Crown Forces moved in and raided the homes of a number of Saoradh Activists in Newtownstewart and Strabane, two members of Saoradh were taken to Musgrave Barracks for interrogation.

Saoradh statement;

“Saoradh condemns in the strongest terms possible the recent attacks on our activists in Strabane and Newtownstewart, by the British Crown Forces. A number of homes have been wrecked and continue to be occupied by the British Constabulary. British state violence towards Republican activists has of course been met with silence by the local hypocrites, who usually fall over themselves in the rush appease their British paymasters. Saoradh sends solidarity to our comrades and their families tonight facing violent British imperialism”

At the time of writing, both men continue to be held.



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