Varadkar, RTE, The KBC Bank Occupation & Censorship – Saoradh Nuacht

During yesterday’s successful occupation of KBC HQ by the ‘Anti Eviction Flying Column’, Saroradh national chairperson Brian Kenna was interviewed by RTE television about the occupation of the bank.

A few hours later on the six o’clock news footage of the occupation was aired but none of Brian Kenna’s interview made the news.

Saoradh understands that RTE have given commitments to the Leinster House Administration, that no dissenting/anti-government spokespeople will be allowed on the national airwaves, this is defacto section 31 (censorship of Republicans in the media in Ireland) all over again and is just another example of how the state broadcaster is determined and only too eager to fall in line with the pro-establishment viewpoint of the administration in Leinster house.

Recently our national Facebook page was deleted for a second time, this time for posting a video about the violent eviction in Roscommon, coming only days before Leo called for more censorship on social media, despite this media censorship Saroadh will continue to highlight and support those who are genuine in fighting these evictions.

Here is the Interview with RTE in full

Saoradh national chairman, Brian Kenna speaking to RTE outside the occupation of the KBC bank in Dublin this afternoon. KBC banks are directly involved in the eviction of Irish citizens from their homes and is currently being occupied by a number of anti eviction activists including Saoradh members. The time is now. Stand up! Fight back! Oppose evictions!

Posted by Junior McDaid House on Saturday, December 22, 2018

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