Thousands of Stop & Searches Can’t be Ignored

The recent furore surrounding the possibility of stop & searches being carried out in border areas as a result of Brexit have been rubbished by the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

These reports ignore the fact that stop and search tactics are already in place with thousands being carried out in border areas in the past few years.

Commenting on the misconcieving reports Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “It was reported that border areas such as Newry, Strabane and parts of Derry will see people subjected to stop and searches post Brexit. The frenzy that has surrounded these reports is absurd given that on a daily basis people are being stopped and searched in these areas anyway by the Crown Forces.

“I couple of years ago i submitted a Freedom of Information Request and it revealed that over 4,000 people have been stopped and searched in the Newry area alone, the people of Newry are clearly being treated as a suspect community. It goes without saying that those figures only cover the period from 2009 – 2015 so they are actually significantly higher.

“If this new draconian bill is passed then there is no doubt that the RUC-PSNI will abuse those powers to target Republicans just as they have abused every other piece of legislation made available to them by their masters in Westminster.”

“Some Republican activists are currently being stopped and searched several times a day under the Justice and Security act. Children, including infants, are also being effected by stop and search tactics. They have been removed from vehicles and forced to endure watchung their parents being stopped and searched by aggressive state gunmen.”

Murney concluded “This new bill will be just another piece of draconian legislation to be used at will against the Republican community by the Crown Forces. Like the Justice and Security act It won’t be used against Non-Republicans in Sinn Fein and their cohorts in the SDLP.”