Thousands of Loyalist Sectarian Bigots to Overrun Nationalist Newry

Saoradh An Iúir have raised serious concerns regarding upcoming displays of sectarianism due to take place in Newry, which are listed to include scores of hate bands on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August.

Slamming the event Saoradh’s Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney said “Next week the centre of Newry will be overrun by over two thousand sectarian bigots and scores of knuckle dragging Neanderthal bands.

“The area will be placed in lockdown with numerous streets sealed off on what would normally be a busy Friday evening. Local businesses will be effected and Newry will be saturated with a heavy Crown Force presence to facilitate this hatefest. This will cause major disruption for local residents who will find themselves hemmed into, or too afraid to leave, their own homes and it will leave motorists unable to travel across the town.”

The activist continued “Furthermore another two sectarian marches are due to take place the following morning and evening leading to even more disruption and inconvenience.

“This will be a display of blatant Loyalist supremacy and it will be facilitated by Stormonts military wing in the RUC-PSNI.

“These sectarian chest beating exercises should be treated on the same level as displays of racism. It seems that sectarianism and right-wing hate is worryingly on the rise. These displays of hate should be completely done away with and they should be opposed by the decent people of Newry.

Murney finished by saying “Sectarian bigots should have no place in this society and they certainly aren’t welcome on these streets.”