The Sunday World Caught Telling Porkies

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In the era of so-called fake news on the internet, we have been led to believe that existing “established media outlets” are a bastion of investigative journalism hell-bent on delivering hard-hitting material. But while the RUC/PSNI lifts and interrogates journalists who attempt to do just that, there are other ‘journalists’ intent on making it up as they go along!

Following Stacey Dooley’s piece on punishment attacks in Belfast which aired on the BBC, many in the Republican community debated its authenticity following what appeared to be a very dubious recorded interview with three masked and apparently armed men. The debate centred on had the BBC or perhaps a British state agency staged the encounter, or had this just been a case of naivety and ignorance on behalf of Stacey Dooley!

All was quickly forgotten until this weeks Sunday World carried a front-page picture of the encounter, along with a picture of Derry Republican Nathan Hastings, who has only recently been released from British incarceration in Maghaberry Gaol. The front page headline declared “Hooded TV Gunman is Dissident on Licence” with a big red arrow pointing from the masked man to a picture of Nathan.

Now how the publication claimed to know this is of course not revealed, however considering the masked individual spoke with a Belfast accent instead of a Derry ‘wan’ and didn’t fit Nathans build shouldn’t of course be let get in the way of a good yarn and considering the publications track record for such diatribe towards Republicans the slander was largely seen for what it was by the Republican base.

Having seen the article himself Nathan Hastings took to social media to rubbish the fake-news in what was an absolute slam-dunk response, It wasn’t him because he was still in Maghaberry when Dooley shot her documentary in Belfast!

The lazy vindictive fake-news come propaganda of the Sunday World has once again been exposed.

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