St Patrick’s Day Tricolour Ban A Suppression Of Irish Identity – Saoradh Statement

Once again we bear witness to the destruction of our national identity and heritage.

It was revealed recently that our national flag will be banned at St Patrick’s Day celebrations in both Strabane and Derry.

Derry City and Strabane District Council said they wanted the main Strabane event to be a “cross-community, family-focused celebration without flags and emblems”.

Therefore the Irish Tricolour will be banned from the event.

Having taken control of the St Patrick’s Day parade for the first time amid receiving £30,000 of funding, the council committee in charge immediately revoked the right to fly our nation’s flag.

Speaking out about the issue, Saoradh Strabane spokesperson, Lorna Brady said “The unionist appeasement agenda has reached its peak. Again we are seeing the erosion of anything relating to the Irish national identity and heritage. This must be challenged.”

There a number of questions emanating from this decision by DCSDC.

First and foremost, what council members came to this conclusion?

Will the Crown Forces be called on to enforce this ban?

What will be the consequences of breaching this ban?

Does this mean the British Union flag will be banned from future triumphalist Orange Order marches based on funding?

The decision to suppress our national flag, on a national holiday renowned the world over for promoting Ireland’s national identity is an act of political and cultural repression. Such repression always meets with resistance!



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