Saoradh To Erect Memorial to Murdered IRA Volunteer in Newry

The Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh has announced plans to erect a memorial in the centre of Newry in memory of a local IRA volunteer shot dead by the RUC.

Volunteer Thomas Carr was murdered outside Newry Cathedral in Hill Street. The IRA freedom fighter was shot several times in the back by the cowardly RUC on 12th February 1925 and died later from his wounds.

Announcing the party’s plans to erect the memorial in Hill Street next weekend, Saoradh representative Stephen Murney said “94 years ago Thomas Carr was murdered in cold blood by the RUC Crown Forces when he was shot and fatally wounded outside Newry cathedral.

“When Volunteer Thomas Carr was murdered, the force responsible for his death was known as the RUC. That same force also conducted similar shoot-to-kill operations in more recent years and their RUC/PSNI predecessors are currently involved in covering up murders carried out by Loyalist death squads as well as pursuing a concerted campaign of harassment and intimidation towards the Republican community.

“The forces who murdered Thomas Carr are still upholding and enforcing British Occupation in Ireland to this very day.

“IRA heroes like Thomas, and the sacrifice they made for future generations, continue to inspire Republicans of today. The Unfinished Revolution that IRA Volunteer Thomas Carr was involved in still carries on.

“We will assemble outside Newry cathedral on Sunday 10th February at 3pm where we will unveil a fitting memorial to the fallen revolutionary. Join with Saoradh and pay tribute to a Republican hero.”