Saoradh Response to Bloody Sunday Prosecution Outcome

The news that only one British mercenary is to be prosecuted in relation to the murder of 14 civilians in Derry on Bloody Sunday will come as no shock to the people of Ireland.

This continuation of the denial of justice to the victims and their families is symptomatic of the injustice of British occupation.

All those who murdered and injured civilians, their commanders and those at the highest echelons of the British Government that directed the Parachute Regiment to do so should be in front of an International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague.

The Bloody Sunday investigation by the British PPS, and we use the term investigation lightly, amounts to an effective whitewash and further demonstrates that Britain cannot be trusted to investigate itself and their murderous activities.

Saoradh pays tribute to the families of those murdered and injured on Bloody Sunday, and hereby recommit ourselves to suppporting their collective fight for truth and justice.