Saoradh Respond to Unionist Hysteria

Following a tweet from Saoradh representative Stephen Murney regarding a successful IRA operation that took place in Newry 32 years ago, we publish a reply from him in response to the Unionist outcry that followed when the activist posted an extract from a 2007 AP/RN article:

“The text of the tweet in question was actually copied and pasted from an article that appeared in An Phoblacht in 2007 entitled “Remember the Past”. I’m surprised it took 11 years for the DUP to become offended. (See attached link)

The article, and tweet, is merely an example of Republicans remembering a successful operation in which brave IRA volunteers successfully engaged enemy forces, resulting in the killing of three RUC gunmen.

The Republican community in Newry are immensely proud of the actions of the IRA in Newry, and further afield, during the freedom struggle.

In regards to the history of the RUC, there is nothing glorious or brave about it. The Crown Forces subjected the people of Newry to a brutal campaign of harassment and intimidation, and in their current form [PSNI] are continuing that campaign against the Republican community to this very day.

Will the DUP be raising the cowardly mass murder at Loughinisland which the RUC/PSNI colluded in and continue to cover up to this day or will they condemn the cowardly execution of unarmed Newry IRA Volunteer Colum Marks in contravention of the Geneva Convention following his capture by the RUC?.

The DUP engage in selective condemnation when it comes to violence, as was witnessed when they refused to condemn all violence recently in Derry City Council. They are blood thirsty cheerleaders of violent British imperialism, who are complicit in the mass murder of civilians, based only on their Catholic religious affiliation, via Ulster Resistance and several other Loyalist terror gangs. Myself and Saoradh won’t be lectured to by cowardly hypocrites”.