Saoradh Respond to Karen Bradley’s Comments

Today’s comments at Westminster by Karen Bradley, the British Direct Ruler, that the State Murder of Irish civilians does not constitute a crime will come as no shock to affected families and Republicans.

Coming as it does on the 31st anniversary of three unarmed IRA Volunteers being murdered in cold blood at Gibraltar, it should serve as a reminder that Britain has consistently demonstrated that it views Irish people as sub-human and undeserving of recourse to truth and justice, in the same way others that have endured her colonialist world view.

The occupation of Irish national territory, the denial of national self-determination and suppression of sovereignty are all crimes, as are the presence of and actions perpetrated by Crown Forces to uphold these injustices.

Others within our communities cynically manipulate many victims of State Murder and their families to justify their acceptance and enabling of all the above. They are now reduced to actually promoting, endorsing and encouraging recruitment to Crown Forces responsible for State Murder and Collusion.

Saoradh will continue to highlight the War Crimes of the British Government, and their ongoing human rights abuses that also constitute crimes under international law. Our ideological position that Britain has no right to be in Ireland is vindicated by Bradley’s comments, and strengthens our resolve to see the freedom struggle through to it’s only logical conclusion.