Saoradh Remember Bobby Sands

Today, March 1st, 1981. IRA Volunteer and Commanding Officer of IRA prisoners in Long Kesh Concentration Camp, Bobby Sands embarked on a Hunger Strike in protest against Britain’s policy of the criminalisation of Irish Political Prisoners and the Irish fight for freedom. 

This was the second such protest in Long Kesh in the space of a year as a previous Hunger Strike in 1980 was manipulated and ended by empty promises on the part of the British.  

From the outset Bobby Sands outlined that his fast would continue until all IRA prisoners were treated with the dignity and respect they deserved as political hostages of an alien government. 

If the British did not concede this demand then the British Government would ultimately be responsible for another needless death of an Irish citizen in his own land. 

Saoradh remember with pride the colossal courage and immense bravery of Bobby Sands and his nine comrades who also embarked on the agonising path of a Hunger Strike. 

We also remember the years of the ‘Blanket Protest’, the ‘Dirty Protest’ and all the women and men who endured long years of living in squalor and filth in the years leading up to 1981.

We feel it fitting and right to honour the lives of these brave young men by speaking their names and sharing their words and poems. 

We also take this opportunity to remind people that there are still political hostages in British and Irish gaols. 

They are in there for us. Be out here for them!