Saoradh reaffirm support for Bloody Sunday March After Reformist Poster Scrapped

After a collective grassroots discussion amongst the Saoradh membership in Derry, an overwhelming decision was taken to reaffirm the Party’s support for the Bloody Sunday March.

The process of discussion took place following Saoradh’s decision to withdraw from the the Bloody Sunday March last year after the release of a reformist poster for the event.

Bloody Sunday was originally an Anti-Internment Rally. There are currently a number of Irish Republican Political activists interned by the British State, the same British State responsible for the war crimes committed on Bloody Sunday.

We now hope that the Bloody Sunday March will continue in its original form, giving a voice and an acknowledgement to Irish Republicans who find themselves interned and those who represent them.

Saoradh’s position regarding the Bloody Sunday March is now a matter of public record. Our position has been outlined since our inception and we endeavour to support the March again this year in the absence of British interference or sentiment. As we go forward we retain the right to offer a critique and/or take action again in future should issues such as those that occurred in 2018 arise again.