Saoradh Protest Welfare Cuts in Dungannon

Saoradh held a protest today at the Capita office in Dungannon to highlight the savage welfare cuts against the most vulnerable in our society.

The British Government, Sinn Fein and the DUP are responsible for the current system of persecution that has disabled people at the mercy of private for profit corporations and companies who’s only aim is to deny them the welfare payments that is their right. People applying for PIP and other welfare payments have effectively been criminalised by a neoliberal capitalist system determined to remove the safety net of social welfare and social security.

As a society we collectively pay into the welfare system in the belief that that system will provide for us when we need it, under those circumstances no one should be left behind, no one should be driven into poverty due to their personal circumstances.

The current policy agreed by the Tory/DUP/Sinn Fein alliance let’s private companies make a fortune by disenfranchising all off us. Saoradh calls for the abolition of the current system of using private for profit parasites.

Anyone in the East Tyrone area suffering under the current system can seek support and advice at the Saoradh advice centre at Kevin Barry House, Market Square, Dungannon.

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