Saoradh National Executive Member Seized In Derry!

Saoradh wish to highlight and condemn the ongoing vindictiveness of the Crown Forces in Derry as they continue to attack party activists.

Early this morning National Executive member Jude Macrory, also coordinator of our youth wing Éistigi, was seized by Crown Forces and taken to Musgrave Interrogation Centre in Belfast.

Jude is the latest member of the Unfinished Revolution to be the subject of ongoing attempts to suppress our party by both Britain and the 26 County administration since our foundation. Derry has been a particular focus of these attacks, with Crown Forces publicly encouraged to increase these activities by prominent Sinn Féin members in the city, including Raymond McCartney.

Saoradh demands the immediate release of Jude Macrory, and we reassert that these attacks are futile as we develop, increase relevance and go forward in struggle.

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