Saoradh Hit Out At Inclusion Of Crown Forces At Youth Club

The Revolutionary Republican Party, Saoradh have been contacted by a number of concerned parents with children taking part in a selection of programmes within Long Tower Youth Club. 

It has emerged that as part of the ongoing programmes a youth conference has been  arranged in the Guildhall with the facilitation of British Crown Forces. 

In recent months Saoradh have contacted multiple schools and youth centres in regards to the involvement of British Crown Forces. 

Pro establishment parties and those within the Catholic Church would have us believe that Crown Forces are a normal part of our community. The only action these thugs take part in within our communities is the harassment and intimidation of the Nationalist and Republican people.  

Speaking out about the issue, local Saoradh representative, Paddy Gallagher said “We have seen too many times recently where children, some of which are in school uniform, are being constantly harassed, intimidated, stopped and searched and even having their homes raided by British Crown Forces.

It is of our opinion that youth clubs should be a neutral environment for children to flourish, develop and associate with their peers, not to be used as a political mechanism to adopt a broader acceptance of so called policing and normalisation within the Six Counties.”

Youth clubs have always been a political free zone. In recent times this appears to be slowly changing as youth clubs come under the control of former Republicans who now endorse British Crown Forces. 

Saoradh will always challenge those who impose Crown Forces onto our young people. We urge Long Tower Youth Club to rethink their position and the effect it will have on young people involved with the club. We also urge any other parents with concerns regarding this issue to contact your local Saoradh representative or contact our office on 028 7127 1967.