Saoradh Highlight Oppression of Republican POW’s

Throughout last night and today, the eve of and day of the anniversary of the 1976 withdrawl of Political Status, Saoradh activists in Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Armagh, Tyrone and Derry have been highlighting the oppression of Republican POWs in Ireland.

Banners have been dropped on the overpasses at Tamnamore in East Tyrone, between Moira and Lurgan, and at the Westlink in Belfast demanding an end to the oppression of Republican Prisoners. These are thoroughfares along which screws travel daily on their way to oppress Republican POWs in Maghaberry. Activists also conducted a banner drop in Derry city.

Last night Saoradh activists in Dublin dropped a banner at an overpass and pasted anti-extradition posters in Finglas, the home area of a current POW facing extradition, and pasted posters along the M1. Activists in Cork City also erected a banner at Patrick street challenging extraditions.

The establishment in Ireland should know well that we will not let Republican POWs be isolated and oppressed ✊!