Saoradh – Dilapidated Clare House in Newry a Danger to Residents

The Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh An Iúir has raised grave concerns around the conditions of the Clare House complex in the centre of Newry.

Raising the concerns Saoradh An Iúir Vice-Chairperson Anthony Coyle explained “Saoradh representatives spoke with local residents after they contacted the party regarding the condition of this building.

“They explained several areas of concern to us regarding the state of disrepair the building is in. Damp and condensation along with mould were just some of the issues raised.

“The level of decay and deterioration of Clare House is completely unacceptable. It is in a state of disrepair and neglect with residents left waiting for long overdue repairs and improvements.

“To make matters worse the Housing Executive recently changed the locks to the main door without consulting residents. This meant some residents were locked out of the building with one resident being forced to sleep in their car and another having to stay in a relatives house.

“Not only that but residents are also paying a service charge for the upkeep and maintenance of the building when in fact it isn’t being maintained at all. Rather it is being neglected.”

Anthony continued “We urge the Housing Executive to ensure that the necessary maintainence arrangements are put in place sooner rather than later.

“The Housing Executive have a duty of care for residents of Clare House and we are hopeful they will abide by that responsibility. We simply want to see this is due brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

“We are hopeful this will be rectified in due course and we will keep the residents updated with any progress.”