Saoradh Condemn British Army Operation in South Armagh

What was once one of the most heavily militarised parts of Westeren Europe once again bore witness to British Occupation troops openly operating in the South Armagh area.

On Tuesday evening [June 26th] a Crown Force operation was put in place in Silverbridge involving both the RUC and British Army. Armoured landrovers and bomb squad lorries descended on Ford’s Cross where they sealed off roads and tramped across farmland.

Numerous heavily armed British military personnel positioned themselves in fields and country roads which caused widespread disruption for the local community.

Commenting on the incursion Saoradh representative Stephen Murney said “Details of the joint RUC and British Army operation remain scarce with the RUC merely saying there was an “ongoing incident”. However questions need to be asked as to what their real motives were?

“What we do know is that the Crown Force operation took place at the same location as the recent attack on a republican memorial. The attack was captured by a concealed video camera and the footage was shared on social media including on the Saoradh An Iúir Facebook page in an attempt to identify those responsible.

“The Crown Forces have claimed they found wires and batteries nearby and it has been suggested by locals that they were used to power the concealed camera.

“Republicans are under no illusions that the British Army are still operating in occupied Ireland. Thousands of British troops remain garrisoned in the six counties and can be deployed at will, as we seen on Tuesday evening.

“Not only that but the British Forces of occupation have also been involved in the raiding of Republican homes across the six counties.  We also currently have the Special Reconnaissance Regiment [SRR] operating here. The fact that this sinister regiment has close links to the SAS should not be lost upon the Irish people. Neither should the fact that the SRR was partially-formed from the 14th Intelligence Company which was responsible for controlling unionist death squads.

“Whilst some within our communities try to protray that the British Army aren’t active here, this operation dispels that myth and reconfirms what we already know – British Occupation continues.

“Its not surprising that mainstream nationalist parties haven’t commented on the British Army’s presence during this operation. The silence from those who once treated the occupation forces with the hostility they deserve is telling.”

Murney concluded “For our part Saoradh will continue to expose and challenge the ongoing British military presence in all its forms.

“Our position is clear, the British army is not welcome in any part of Ireland, under any guise, under any circumstances. We will continue to resist all forms of British Occupation whether it’s the British army or their RUC cohorts.

“In the coming months, Saoradh will be stepping up its campaign against British rule, we urge people to join us in rebuilding popular resistance to the occupation.

“We would ask all those who agree with our analysis to join us in assisting with that.”