Saoradh Condemn Attacks On Provisional’s

Sinn Féin has consistently remained silent regarding Crown Force and criminal attacks on Republicans since at least 2007. Saoradh as a Revolutionary Republican organisation refuses to leave ourselves open to the same criticism and allegations of hypocrisy when it comes to attacks on political activists, regardless of their ideological position.

Attacks on the homes of anyone within our communities due to their political beliefs are wrong. Our activists have consistently stated this publicly and privately – before, during and after Saoradh’s formation. While the motivation and the perpetrators remain unclear, the overnight attacks on the homes of two former Republicans in Belfast fall into this category. As such we condemn such actions, they serve no purpose and fail to advance Republican objectives.

We would be failing in our responsibilities to our membership and the wider Republican base if we did not compare the reaction to these incidents to Crown Force attacks in Derry at approximately the same time. Masked, armed and violent British operatives beating, cable-tying and trailing children to armoured vehicles to be transported to interrogation centres.

This is seemingly acceptable to the political elite, including Sinn Féin who directly called for such Crown Force activity in recent days. Their silence regarding these attacks against the community suggests not only endorsement but complicity.

For our part, Saoradh will continue to lead the fightback against normalisation and pacification of proud Revolutionary communities. Regardless of collaboration by constitutionalists, capitalists and clergy. We will not be derailed by false allegations directed against our membership and wider Movement.

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