Saoradh Challenge Facebook Over Censorship

“Your post does not comply with our community guidelines” over the past year many Saoradh activists using Facebook either for personal or Party reasons which express their political opinions or that of the Saoradh Party have been met with this arbitrary explanation as their personal accounts and Party pages have been closed down.

Activists have been banned for simply sharing the Saoradh Party emblem, others have been banned or have had pages removed for live streaming from public events.

It seems clear that Facebook is targeting all material relating to Saoradh and to Irish Republicanism in general.

Since its inception, social media platforms like Facebook have ushered in a golden era of information dissemination. One person can now reach millions via such mediums, the power of this democratisation of media has shaken the old institutions to their core. Mainstream Media or MSM the bastion of the rich, the ruling elites, the bourgeois has seen a significant threat to its hegemony by the rise of social media. Brexit, Trump and Corbyn in each social media has certainly been a factor in the dynamics of their shocks on the status quo. The rise of independent alternative news sites such as the Canary which went from a small start-up to millions of followers has also certainly been down to the phenomena of social media.

That the establishment was running scared by the threats posed by this erosion of power were evident last year when several heads of western governments began denouncing what they called ‘fake news’ via social media platforms, it quickly became the buzzword for anything not being published by the western media elite.

The co-option of Facebook and other social media sites to remove content and clamp down on alternative viewpoints was of course inevitable, Facebook is a classic capitalist company and based in both the US and the EU it is susceptible to pressures by western regimes who were looking over their shoulders worried by the impact free thought and expression on social media was having on important internal events, the strategic interests of the West and of the Facebook corporation are one and the same. Cries were heard of Russian involvement via social media meddling in elections, the dark arts of Cambridge Analytica came to light and all the while Facebook was purging activists, journalists and individuals for posting material that essentially undermined western imperialism and its allies, the battle went further than social media groups such as RT were targeted in places like London as the West and the East in Cold War 2.0 tussled for control over territory and resources in places such as Lybia and Syria.

Articles appeared about the formation of disinformation units in the military in Britain and Israel that carried out campaigns against activists on platforms such as Facebook, the Israelis threatened to shut Facebook down unless it helped censor Palestinian Activists, it willingly obliged .

Saoradh has used social media extensively since its formation in 2016, it has provided a platform from which Saoradh has reached millions with content produced by its PRO’s and by the Saoradh Nuacht media team. With this continuing censorship by Facebook, Saoradh has been forced to seek legal redress to assert its right to freedom of speech and to freedom of political expression, Facebook is a service provider that has become the biggest distributor of independent news on the planet, Saoradh believes it has the same rights as any other public entity to utilise Facebook without arbitary censorship.