Saoradh An Iúir – It’s time to Smash Sectarianism in Newry

Following two days of major disruption for the decent people of Newry over the Bank Holiday weekend, the local Saoradh craobh have called for sectarian marches to be brought to an end once and for all.

Speaking in opposition to the sectarian rituals Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney explained “On Friday evening scores of sectarian hate bands and thousands of bigots brought Newry to a standstill on the bank holiday weekend.

“A massive RUC-PSNI force, including heavily armed TSG personnel put a ring of steel in place and closed all the main roads in the centre of town in order to facilitate this display of hate, which saw thousands of Loyalists bussed in from across the North.

“On what should be a busy Friday night for local businesses our main town centre streets were empty, whilst surrounding streets were jammed with traffic unable to move. This hate display has caused widespread inconvenience and disruption for the local community.”

Stephen continued “Saturday was no different with a further two marches taking place in the morning and evening causing further disruption in Newry. The absurdity and pointlessness of Saturday’s hate display is obvious.

“It’s clear that these parades are totally pointless considering they marched from the Orange Hall to the city centre bus depot so that they board a bus to take them elsewhere, then when they return that evening they march from the depot back to the Orange Hall.

“This is clearly marching for the sake of marching. One has to ask why they simply refuse to board these buses outside the Orange Hall instead of insisting upon creating disruption for the whole town.

“They are clearly marching for no reason at all other than sheer sectarianism.

“We have received numerous reports from local residents and members of the community who have had enough of these sectarian rituals. People are sick, sore and tired of being hemmed into their own homes and being unable to travel across their own town.

Murney concluded by outlining further intentions “As an organisation vehemently opposed to sectarianism in all forms we in Saoradh pledge to assist the local community by exploring a number of avenues to bring these hate parades to an end once and for all. One such initiative may involve bringing people onto the streets of Newry to take part in radical protest action to end these sectarian marches.