Saoradh Activist Released Following Vicious Crown Force Raid in Derry

Saoradh Doire welcome the release of one of our party members who was seized early this morning during a heavy handed raid on his home.

Such was the force of the raid that Crown Forces personnel completely destroyed the activists front door.

As is normal practice for British Crown Forces the Republican was dragged from his home, trailed to Musgrave interrogation unit, harassed for a number of hours and subsequently released without charge.

As a result of this intimidation the Republican had to be temporarily released from the interrogation unit to seek medical assistance before being returned.

Having arrived on the scene shortly after the raid started, a family member contacted former Republican Kevin Campbell via Facebook asking him to witness the vicious attack on this family. Having seen the message Councillor Campbell, who was apparently duly elected to represent every citizen of the Moor Ward, opted to block the person who sent the message.

In addition to this, an Éistigí activist who called at the house to check on the welfare of the family was also maliciously arrested and charged.

Hitting out at the heavy handedness of the attack, Saoradh representative Paddy Gallagher said, “Again we are witnessing an attack on this Republican family by British Crown Forces at the behest of Sinn Fein and constitutional nationalists. Every call, from those in a position of perceived power, for our communities to pass on information results in the harassment, intimidation and seizure of Republicans and their families.

He continued, “The subsequent snub from Sinn Fein lackey, and Crown Force cheerleader, Kevin Campbell only bears witness to the fact he supports these types of attacks by the un-reformable RUC. This is based on the fear that the community are listening to our political narrative rather than theirs. The ongoing silence from those who sit in council and classify themselves as independent Republicans is also deafening.”

Despite Sinn Fein leading the charge, along with Crown Forces attacking our members, Saoradh will continue with our activism. We are a growing party who is establishing fantastic support within our communities and this will continue.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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