RUC/PSNI Gift Republicans Personal Details To Loyalists

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Once again the issue of collusion has been brought to the fore this week when it was revealed that British Crown Forces “lost” a notebook containing details of Republicans including their names, addresses and car number plates.

The latest excuse by Forces of the Crown for the indulgence of information was that the notebook was lost in the first week of September during their investigation of the South East Antrim UDA drug cartel.

This is the second episode of collusion this year by the un-reformable RUC. In July it was widely established that a pen drive containing information on local citizens and businesses was left in the back of a device returned to suspected Loyalist mercenaries.

While it comes as no surprise to us as Republicans, the worrying trend of collusion will no doubt affect every member of our communities, just as it has done before.

With uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the issue of refortifying the partitionist border, the rebuilding of armed Republicanism and the ever present question of a reunified Ireland; Britain’s paid assassins will no doubt be eager in their attempts to target Nationalists and Republicans.

Saoradh would urge everyone, Republican or otherwise, to exercise caution in the coming weeks and months as Loyalist death squads rearm themselves at the behest of the British establishment.

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