Republican Prisoner To Be Excessively Strip-Searched – Saoradh POW Department

Republican prisoners, Maghaberry gaol, wish to highlight the forced strip-searching of Republican prisoner Damian ‘DD’ McLaughlin on an almost daily basis as he is being taken out for trial.

Damian’s trial is due to last 9 weeks and he has thus far been taken out 2-3 times per week although he is scheduled to appear four times next week, and this could increase again. On leaving and re-entering the gaol he is being forcibly stripped. This will result in him being stripped on dozens of occasions.

Forced strip searches involve six members of the notorious riot squad holding the prisoner down in pressure point locks and stripping off his clothes. It is a tool of oppression and degradation which has been widely criticised. NIPS previously agreed to end strip searching in the August 2010 Agreement, and this abusive procedure was even stopped for a time before reactionaries within NIPS and their allies in the DUP forced NIPS itself and the Stormont DOJ to renege on the agreement.

We send DD our best during this time. Strip searching is an oppressive and dehumanising procedure and it should be ended immediately with the implementation of the August 2010 Agreement.

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