PSNI to “train” Coalisland kids, through GAA & Boxing Clubs! – Saoradh Nuacht

A number of families have contacted Saoradh in Co Tyrone to complain about a planned Crown Forces scheme being run by the PSNI, through the Coalisland Fianna GAA Club and the Clonoe Boxing Club.

This Whats App message was sent to the parents of the Under fourteen’s at Coalisland Fianna last weekend and was the first parents were told of Crown Force involvement with their children.

Following receipt of the complaints and the message, Saoradh in Tyrone drafted two letters, one was emailed to key members of the County Tyrone GAA officer board and the other was hand delivered to committee members of Coalisland Fianna GAA and Clonoe Boxing Club respectively.

Letter to Tyrone GAA County Board

To whom it may concern

Over the last number of years; there have been attempts to legitimise the PSNI, the front line force of British colonialism within nationalist communities. These attempts are being driven by a
number of constitutional parties who have become subsumed into the very system they have
vowed to overthrow, pro – British leadership of the GAA who ignore their grassroots membership
and core principles, and new strata of paid workers within various community organisations in order to justify their salaries.

One of the main priorities of the PSNI, pro – British politicians and others has been to secure
access to youth and community facilities so that they may further their policy of “normalisation”
the portrayal of the PSNI as a normal police force which is somehow different from other
armed unionist militias from the past, such as the RIC and the RUC. In essence; what we have
are a number of people who are loyal to the institutions of the Northern State attempting to
secure credibility for an armed force there to protect such institutions. The only difference from
past generations, unfortunately, is that those lending their support are from within our own
communities.As well as the fact that the PSNI are quite clearly a force here to protect British colonial
interests in Ireland, there are a number of other reasons why they are unacceptable to the
people of this island. These include, amongst others

  • Their use of Stop and Search powers which are now more wide-ranging and draconian than
    those at the disposal of the RUC during past conflicts.
  • The introduction of  new 28-day detention powers, when arrested and being questioned by the PSNI
  • The continued use of paid informers; recruitment of agents and the new development known
    as”assisting” offenders (supergrasses)
  • The continued use of plastic bullets and tasers as a form of “public control”
  • The continued refusal of the PSNI Chief Constable to disclose information to inquests, etc, in
    relation to Shoot to Kill incidents where the RUC were guilty of murder.

As a result of the above, we would appeal to you to refuse to permit the PSNI/Crown Forces any use of your
facilities despite any pressure you may come under from ‘politicians’ and community workers, until such a time when we have an acceptable police service rather than a force that exists to protect British interests in Ireland. If you decide to participate in this normalisation process Saoradh as a party will be forced to consider protest action.


Letter to Coalisland Fianna GAA & Clonoe Boxing Club

A Chara

Saoradh note with serious concern the recent announcement by Coalisland Fianna GAA
and Clonoe Boxing club, that they intend to host a scheme by the British Crown Forces,
namely the PSNI, that is aimed at ingratiating this unacceptable armed British force with
the young people of the Coalisland area.

The history of the Crown Forces in Coalisland, Tyrone and indeed Ireland is well known.
It is a history of murder, intimidation, coercion and oppression. The PSNI continues
where its predecessor the RUC left off. There are families in Coalisland & Clonoe who
are currently seeking truth and justice regarding the death of their loved ones, at the
hands of the Crown Forces. The PSNI is to the best of its ability frustrating all attempts
for those loved ones to gain closure. With the 25th anniversary of the Clonoe ambush approaching, we point out that key members of the PSNI Gaelic team, such as Damien Tucker, played an integral role in the murder of four local IRA volunteers in the grounds of Clonoe church in 1992. Saoradh feels the facilitation of Tucker’s force in
association with the local youth, particularly at this time, is highly insensitive and downright offensive.

The Crown Forces continue to subject locals to stop and search abuse. Working with
MI5, it has attempted to pressure young people into becoming informers. It has recently,
in the Coalisland area, raided the homes of Irish Republican activists, whose children
train and play at various levels with Coalisland Fianna GAA and Clonoe Boxing Club.
These children have been subjected to British terror in their own homes by the Crown
Forces, now the sports clubs which they hold dear are due to promote these same British
terrorists. We note with disdain the hypocrisy of the PSNI holding internet safety classes
with the children from Coalisand Fianna GAA and Clonoe Boxing Club, as during the
many house raids experienced by local children who train and play with these clubs, the
PSNI has seized kids laptops, phones, iPods, Xbox and Playstations and computers,
denying them access to the internet and a normal childhood free from fear and
intimidation. Parents who have experienced the real nature of the PSNI and the Crown
Forces are now forced to remove their children from training at these clubs, this disrupts
their lives and may lead to ostracisation by peers.

There has been a steady agenda at play now for over a decade, within the establishment
of the GAA and driven by British policy to infiltrate and divert the very nature of the GAA.
We have witnessed the forces that murdered Aiden McAnespie, now use the funding to
corrupt and attempt to change the basic Irish Nationalism that underpinned the
association. We have seen the GAA used, especially in Co Tyrone, in an attempt to
normalise the presence of the Crown Forces in areas, where for years they brought
terror, fear and misery. Saoradh will oppose all attempts by the British Crown Forces to
cynically use locally organised Irish institutions to normalise their presence and role as
enforcers of British Rule.

  • Saoradh wants to know, who in the clubs sanctioned the ostracisation of Republican
    children and families to facilitate the British Crown Forces?
  • Saoradh wants to know, was there a consultation process with the community by
    Coalisland Fianna and Clonoe Boxing Club? Or where these political decisions taken by
    a small number of individuals as an expression of their own political position?
  • Saoradh wants to know, was there a health and safety risk assessment carried out,
    regarding the carrying of firearms by these terrorists, in close proximity to children, at
    these planned events and was a risk assessment carried out on the possibility of an
    attack by the IRA, or a Republican grouping?

Groups such as Coalisland Fianna and Clonoe Boxing Club have been a core part of our
community. They offer hope and positive interaction for all children who take part and
make the clubs what they are. They should be free from the alien influence of those who
would use the funding to subvert and use them for their own malicious ends.

Saoradh calls on both Coalisland Fianna GAA and Clonoe Boxing Club and indeed any
other club or organisation courted in this way, by the British Crown Forces, to reject these
overtures and focus on the communities they profess to serve.




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