Protest Planned At Hydebank Jail For Christine Connor – Saoradh POW Dept

On October 13th at 2PM Saoradh shall hold a protest at Hydebank gaol to highlight and challenge the conditions being faced by Christine Connor and to demand her immediate transfer to Maghaberry gaol.

Christine is currently being subjected to increasingly oppressive measures, including being deliberately left vulnerable to attack by hostile elements and being denied education, healthcare and adequate legal communication. Christine’s basic human rights are being attacked, and Saoradh will not stand by whilst this continues. This is also in the knowledge that conditions affecting Christine now will be forced upon any woman who may be imprisoned in Hydebank in future.

The six-county prison service must understand that Saoradh will not allow it to isolate prisoners. The recent focus on these issues has not been spontaneous. Saoradh is determined to ensure that prisoners in Hydebank and Maghaberry are free from the existing oppression which they face. They can rest assured that Saoradh will not stop until this is achieved.

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