Popular Resistance To Irish Housing Crisis Growing!

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After last night’s assault on housing activists by the masked thugs of the Gardai and private paid mercenaries of the landlord. The #TakeBackTheCity campaign called on people to join them today and march through Dublin to show that they will not be intimidated by state violence.

The march was met by the so-called Public Order Unit and the armed Garda ERU. This did not stop the activists from making their way to O’Connell Street, where due to sheer numbers they brought Dublin’s busiest thoroughfare to a standstill.

A number of Saoradh activists had answered the call of the #TakeBackTheCity campaign, and marched shoulder to shoulder with their fellow activists. Saoradh member’s were also on hand to supply tea, coffee and refreshments, donated by the Saoradh Community Support soup kitchen.

Help reclaim your communities and reclaim your country. #TakeBackTheNation

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