Palestine Solidarity Statement From Roe 4 Republican Prisoners

In the aftermath of the abuse and attacks upon Palestinian Prisoners, Republican Political Prisoners have released a solidarity statement.

Republican Prisoners, Maghaberry Gaol, wish to extend our best wishes to Palestinian Prisoners in Ofer prison who are currently facing a violent onslaught at the hands of Zionist vermin. We understand that Zionist prison administration has targeted all aspects of life for these prisoners, in terms of interaction with their family and loved ones, healthcare, legal communication and so forth.

We are all too familiar with this form of psychological harrassment. We have no doubt that the Palestinian Prisoners will overcome this recent effort to break their spirit. We stand in solidarity with you, and with your struggle to bring about an end to the existence of the oppressive Zionist State.

Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry Gaol