Outrage as Irish Identity Eroded From Newry St Patrick’s Day Parade


The banning of Irish flags in Newry’s Saint Patrick’s day parade has caused outrage in the nationalist town.

While there has been a ban placed on the tricolour being flown at the parade for quite a few years, Saoradh can reveal that a ban has also been imposed on the Four Provinces flag, in effect all Irish flags are now banned.

Local Saoradh representative Stephen Murney explained “I was contacted by a representative of the Banna Fliuit Naoimh Phadraig. They informed me that they had phoned the council to enquire if the flute band could carry the tricolour in this year’s parade in Newry. Not only were they told that they are banned from carrying our National Flag, but they were also told that the flag of the Four Provinces would also be banned.

“Banna Fliuit Naoimh Phadraig have quite rightly told the council that unless the ban is lifted they won’t be taking part.

“This is outrageous and is clearly an attempt  to suppress and erode any display of Irish culture and heritage in the Saint Patrick’s day parade.”

Murney continued “Saint Patrick’s day is a worldwide recognition of Irish culture. It’s a disgrace that our nation’s flags are being banned.

“It has to be asked who will enforce such a ban? Will the British forces be tasked to enforce it?

“It’s time these discriminatory rules against anything Irish were resisted.”