Oppose Ex-Brit March in Derry – Saoradh Doire – Statement

Saoradh Doire views with disgust an application by a group of former British soldiers to march through the streets of our city on 4th of March.

Since this announcement, we have been contacted by many residents in the city, including families of those murdered by Britain, who are disgusted by this grotesque proposal.

The fact that this is taking place as part of a supposed “justice” campaign by those who slaughtered our people as part of a murder machine still occupying our country is a disgusting demonstration of naked triumphalism.

In the context of continued denial of genuine justice to those who deserve it – the families of those murdered via State Violence and British Government endorsed Collusion – it is a further proposed insult to those who have suffered greatly over the course of history, not least in Derry.

As a result, Saoradh Doire will be organising a mass mobilisation to demonstrate local and national opposition to this charade that seeks to justify the killing of Irish Citizens.

We shall assemble at Free Derry Corner, an internationally recognised symbol of resistance, and march to The Diamond at exactly the same time as this pro-imperialist British Army event.

Saoradh Doire is providing a peaceful, radical and purposeful opportunity for the people of our city and further afield to resist this unwanted march by this part of Britain’s War Machine. We publicly invite all Republican, Socialist and Anti-Imperialist organisations to join with us.

Assemble at Free Derry Corner, Saturday the 4th of March at 2 pm.

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  • person unknown

    No doubt these dregs will have been buoyed up by their drunken stagger down Whitehall in London on 28/1/17.
    Given that they had to publicly plead for donations for hi-vis stewards vests etc for that outing , its surprising that “hundreds” (according to them) of them turned up.
    Despite “orders” from the organisers not to make that march “an excuse for a piss-up”, it was obvious that’s just what it was..- with women and non-whites in that area at that time, reporting aggressively gross sexist and racist verbal abuse, intimidation & harassment.
    These scum are still attacking women then.

    Was it really just a coincidence that 1 hour after that march ended, a group of 15 men from a well known fascist group broke some windows/attempted to attack, the home of an anarchist group 1 mile away, that was in use as a nursery/creche at the time.
    These scum are still attacking women then.

    Should be interesting to see if “hundreds” of them have the intent to swagger pissed-up through Derry in their Orange sashes, & singing their songs that glorify the mass murder of Irish civilians.

    This blatant triumphalism, & continued justification of the british states’ repeated slaughter of unarmed Irish civilains, must be challenged…& hopefully so by nullifying numbers.
    This “march” is repulsive in every regard, and by essence & design, – it is extremely confrontational.

    No pasaran.

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