Op-Ed; Davy Jordan’s analysis on “Independent Republicans”

It is with intense interest that we watch this latest incarnation of “Independent Republican” candidate’s who have put their names forward for regional council’s in the farce that masquerades as bourgeois democracy in the occupied six counties.

What exactly does the moniker “Independent Republican” represent, entail and mean? What exactly are the candidates independent from? Party? Ideology? Class consciousness? The unheralded treachery of the provisional alliance? Strategy?

The provisional alliance with all their perceived electoral strengths in the arena of bourgeois democracy and capitulation of any remaining class consciousness have majestically failed the establishment and achievement of the Socialist Republic. Do a handful of “Independent Republican” candidate’s feel that they have secured the elusive key to the establishment of a Socialist Republic? Do they perceive the shining path to be via bourgeois democracy?

Is it not true and plain to see that the enemy will never give the oppressed the tools of it’s destruction? Genuine revolutionary politics and constitutionalism are incompatible. What are the view’s of the “Independent Republican” candidate’s in relation to the Crown Forces? What are their view’s on those who resist the British occupation by any means? Seeing as some of these “Independent Republican” candidate’s have previously given tacit support to the Crown Forces calling on unfortunates to support the so-called PSNI, some even publicly calling on revolutionaries to “desist their activities as they will not be deterred” from their support of the British Occupation Regime it is only but logic to believe that the position remains the same, especially as of yet no public recant of that support has been issued? Is it still the case?

We in Saoradh believe that it is wrong to call on people to join the Crown Forces. We believe that it is wrong to call on people to impart information to the British Occupation Regime in Ireland. We also believe it is wrong to side with the oppressor and condemn those involved in revolutionary acts against the illegal occupation of our country. It is betrayal. It is treachery.
Politics that are just another name for parliamentarianism and electoralism should be shunned. All forms and manifestations of imperialism and capitalism should be opposed.

Present society is based upon the robbery of the working class. The bourgeois administrations on this island, be it in the neo colonial Free State or the Occupied Six Counties are nothing more than machines for the oppression of one class by another. The struggle for genuine liberation cannot be separated from the class struggle.

So it will be with interest to watch just how “Independent” these candidates turn out to be and how the liberation of our occupied island is to progress, the true liberation the ending of occupation , colonialism, capitalism and exploitation.