Norbrook Newry Punishes Workforce For Snow Stoppage

Saoradh An Iuir has been inundated with complaints of bad working relations and illegal docking of wages within the Norbrook plants in Newry.

Commenting on the issue Saoradh An Iúir chairperson Oliver White explained; “After last week’s adverse and inclement weather employees at the Norbrook plants were sent home last Thursday and Friday as the weather conditions brought the country to a standstill. This was the worst weather in many years.

“There was an understanding that all those affected would be paid their wages as is the norm in such extreme circumstances, however on returning to work yesterday morning [Monday 5th March] employees were informed that to be paid the wages they would have to work these hours up.

“Saoradh would like to point out that it was the company’s decision to send the workers home and close the plants and that Norbrook has to honour the contract they have with the employees of a 38-hour working week, this must now be paid in full.

” It has left a bad feeling within the plants in Newry after reneging on the original deal that all workers affected would be paid in full their wages as is the norm under the legislation, as has happened with other workplaces throughout the district.

White continued “We would hope that Norbrook would reconsider their Victorian/draconian actions and pay their workers who have helped the company grow into one of the world’s largest companies in its field.

“The wealth that Norbrook has, is created wholly by its workforce working together collectively, as such this wealth should be shared collectively with the workers.

“As socialists, we would oppose wage slavery and promote cooperative distribution of wealth and the ownership of the means of production.”

Oliver finished by reiterating the party’s commitment to defending worker’s rights “We in Saoradh An Iúir stand firmly with the hundreds of workers affected by this course of action taken by the Norbrook management and encourage them to join the trade union movement to improve conditions for themselves within their workplace.

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