MI5 Target Saoradh National Executive Member at Airport – Saoradh Nuacht

MI5 operatives, facilitated by the RUC, yesterday evening [April 19] targeted Saoradh National Secretary, Stephen Murney, in Belfast International Airport. Unbeknownst to the RUC and MI5 agents, Stephen audio recorded the entire approach.

The Newry based activist had just returned from a short break with his girlfriend, also a Saoradh party member, when they were both held by RUC personnel using Section 7 of the so-called “Terrorism Act”.

Having seized his passport and unsuccessfully attempted to question Stephen, the Crown Forces then directed the former Republican Prisoner to an interview room.

Ironically when this was taking place Sinn Fein’s, RUC/MI5 cheerleader, Martina Anderson was standing behind Stephen as she was travelling on the same flight. Ignoring what was clearly happening in front of her she continued on her way.

It was in the interview room that the Crown Forces continued with their questioning. When Stephen rejected their advances the RUC then left the room with his passport.

It was at this stage things took a more sinister twist as two MI5 agents then entered the room which Stephen was detained in.

These shadowy forces also attempted to question Stephen. The Saoradh representative made it clear that he wasn’t interested in their request for “a chat” or for “a few minutes of his time” and quite rightly demanded to leave the room.

The forces in question also handed Stephen a leaflet with a name and phone number for him to contact.

This is the fourth MI5 approach Stephen has faced with two previous encounters taking place on separate occasions in Antrim interrogation centre and a third approach involving attempts to coerce a neighbour into spying on Stephen for the British intelligence services.

This isn’t the first time that a Saoradh activist has been targeted by these sinister forces, nor will it be the last.

Anyone facing similar approaches should come forward. These agencies ruin lives, prey on the vulnerable, rip families apart and dispose of their informers when their use runs out. The RUC have clearly facilitated approaches by MI5.

These spooks who work in the shadows destroy the lives of their targets and informers, weaken communities and destroy families.

Anyone who is approached should not suffer in silence, sinister approaches should be refused and immediately logged with appropriate legal professionals. There is no shame in being approached by these people; the only shame is in working for them. Come forward and Shine a light on the shadows.


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