MI5 Takes Over An Garda Síochána – Saoradh Nuacht

The appointment of RUC/PSNI militiaman Drew Harris as Commissioner of An Garda Siochana will come as no surprise to Republicans, both agencies are counter revolutionary and violently opposed to our ideology.

Drew Harris is the former head of RUC/PSNISpecial Branch. Described in numerous inquiries and investigations as a “force within a force” that was responsible for directing, arming and protecting State Agents within loyalist death squads. These agents were shielded and paid by Special Branch as they pursued a sectarian murder campaign against political activists and civilians. Relatives For Justice recently called for his resignation regarding RUC/PSNI failures surrounding the sectarian Glenanne Gang.

Harris’ appointnent does raise certain questions that require answers. Harris, under the terms of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, has been operating under direction from MI5 for some time now. What has the extent of these contacts been? Does he remain in the pay of MI5 or continue as an agent of British Intelligence? What other nation in the world would appoint a foreign intelligence agent to oversee it’s policing?

Harris has also been part of the RUC/PSNI leadership that has withheld information from families affected by State Murder and Collusion, and their legal teams. This includes victims of British State murder within the 26 Counties, including the Dublin/Monaghan bombings. Given the prominent role Harris has played in the suppression of information, how appropriate is it that the 26 County administration has appointed him to this position?

Drew Harris is a relic of colonialism, like his father before him. This move is neither forward thinking, nor progressive. This British State Agent’s appointment will be viewed by Republicans, and the Irish people, as further evidence that the corrupt nature and activities of An Garda Siochana – as evidenced in the recent show-trials of Republicans – will continue unabated.

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