Maghaberry Protest Called Following Attack On Prisoners

– Republican POWs viciously assaulted by sectarian screws, flash protest called for Maghaberry on Thursday night at 7 pm

In a brutal and vicious confrontation today, five Republican Prisoners were assaulted by the notorious riot squad in Roe House.

Over the course of recent weeks and months, sectarian screw Stephen Bell has been attempting to deliberately cause conflict within the Republican Wing. Petty insults, bigoted jibes and threats have been directed at Prisoners by this individual.

The discipline shown by Republican Prisoners not to rise to the bait has been exemplary and, through Roe 4 prisoners, a request was made for Bell to be removed from the wing before his continuing presence resulted in a further deterioration of the situation. This request was rejected by the MI5-directed jail administration.
Emboldened by this, Stephen Bell today manufactured an incident that resulted in physical confrontation between Republican Prisoners and Prison Staff. As a result of this the Riot Squad was brought on to the wing. With shields and batons, they viciously beat five Republican Prisoners from both Roe 3 and 4 before trailing them to the boards.

The prisoners concerned are:

  • Gavin Coyle, Tyrone
    Brian Carron, Tyrone
    Darren Poleon, Meath
    Paddy O’Neill, Belfast
    Conor Hughes, Belfast

This is the latest in a series of attacks on our Prisoners since the refusal by the Gaol administration to implement the August 2010 Agreement that they signed up to. Consequently, Republicans on the outside refuse to allow attacks on our most vulnerable to be ignored.

Saoradh, in association with the IRPWA, will be holding a flash protest at Maghaberry Gaol this Thursday 2nd August at 7 pm.

We encourage all those opposed to the continuing brutalisation of Republican POWs to join with us to send a direct and united message that attacks by the State on Republican Prisoners will not be tolerated.


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