Journalist’s Targeted For Exposing British State Involvement In Loughinisland Massacre

The arrests of two journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey, who helped expose the State-sponsored sectarian murder gang responsible for the Loughinisland Massacre with their documentary “No Stone Unturned”, is indicative of the colonial mindset that remains within the unreformed British PSNI.

The same militia is not only responsible for directing and protecting the Pro-British Death Squad, but now also seemingly intent on silencing those who shine a light on their dark and murky world of agents and murderers.

Freedom of the press is a term that is used by less reputable journalists that work to a State agenda to demonise, vilify and criminalise Republicans on an almost daily basis. However those who bravely exposed the UVF killer gang and subsequent British cover-up did so out of genuine concern for victims and survivors of Loughall, and a desire to set the truth free.

Saoradh demand that the British Crown Forces release Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey immediately, and wish to once more publicly reiterate our support for the victims of Collusion and State Murder.

Saoradh has lobbied the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) to intervene.

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