Jail Scrooges Break Court Order to Punish Political Prisoners – IRPWA

Despite a successful judicial review of a decision to deny Irish Republican Prisoners full Christmas parole, when a court ruled that Maghaberry Prison had breached its own rules and Republican Prisoner Nathan Hasting’s human rights by maliciously reducing his Christmas home leave. Maghaberry Prison upheld their original position and refused to extend Republican Prisoner Nathan Hastings home leave.

Nathan was informed at reception that he had been granted 7 days Christmas home leave and to add insult to injury they demanded that he gave a guarantee that he would not challenge the 7 days arbitrary ruling.

Nathan refused to give any such guarantee and was then held at reception for 3 and a half hours before the threat of an emergency judicial review to get him released from Maghaberry forced the jail administration into allowing him to leave without giving the guarantee they demanded.

Maghaberry are now, without fear of recourse or the expense to the public purse, in contempt of court.