IRA Expels Prisoner From E3/4 Portlaoise Gaol – Saoradh & IRPWA Joint Statement

Saoradh and the IRPWA commend the disciplined decision by IRA Prisoners in E3/4 Portlaoise Gaol which has resulted in the expulsion of a prisoner from their community. This followed the seizure of a quantity of illicit drugs from one of his visitors.

Republicanism has long been opposed to the scourge of drugs within our communities. We rightly see the proliferation of drugs as a useful State tool used to undermine and neutralise working class communities. Republicans, as demonstrated by various means, have not been found wanting in challenging and confronting those involved in this poisonous trade and assisting communities in their fightback.

Republican Prisoners inspire our activists daily. They are respected and held in high esteem by the wider Republican base and our fraternal comrades abroad. Therefore it is imperative that anyone that contributes to the tarnishing of our Prisoners is exposed and disciplined accordingly.

We commend the Republican Prisoners in E3/4 in Portlaoise Gaol for the frank, honest and public way in which they have dealt with this most serious of incidents. Saoradh and the IRPWA again send fraternal solidarity to Republican Prisoners and rededicate ourselves to working on their behalf.


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