IRA Claim Derry Rifle & Grenade Attacks – Saoradh Nuacht

The Irish Republican Army has claimed responsibility for attacks against the British Crown Forces in Derry last week according to reports carried today in the Irish News.

Last week Republicans had been attempting to stop youths engaging in sectarian attacks on the Fountain and anti-community activities in the Bogside, the Crown Forces used the Fountain attacks as an excuse to enter Free Derry deploying masked paramilitary PSNI/RUC and British army units who attacked Republicans, snatching activists off the street, raiding homes and firing plastic bullets, as expected they met resistance.

It is believed an AK47 assault rifle was used in one engagement, sources on social media claimed an armed Volunteer shouted “Derry Brigade IRA” before firing ten rounds at the Crown Forces on Derry’s walls. The Crown Forces later claimed Derry’s walls and trees above the Bogside bore strike marks of the attack.

A statement signed ‘T O’Neill carried in today’s Irish News said;

“The Irish Republican Army claim responsibility for the rifle and grenade attacks carried out by our active service units in Derry against the crown forces. The greatest resource in our arsenal apart from the support of the people is the element of surprise”

The Irish News said the statement did not claim responsibility for two ‘devices’ thrown onto Derry’s walls in the early hours of last Thursday.



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