Homeless Crisis Intensifies As Another Dies On The Street – Saoradh Nuacht

Two homeless men died on the streets of Dublin this week. In the past three months, seven people without homes or access to emergency accommodation have died on the streets of the capital.

The 26 county administration will not activate the “Cold Weather Strategy” until the 18th of December. This strategy would provide further emergency accommodation for people forced to endure the winter nights on the streets.

With close to 200 men and women classified as “rough sleepers” in Dublin alone, and weather conditions worsening, the “Cold Weather Strategy” is required immediately to prevent further deaths on our streets. However providing emergency accommodation, which in many cases is a sleeping mat in a shared crowded dormitory is not a solution to the humanitarian crisis in our country.

Over 20 per cent of the Leinster House administration are declared landlords. This does not include those with direct personal and business ties to landlords, property developers and others with vested interests in maintaining the current housing crisis.

With limited social and affordable housing available, landlords are free to raise rents and continue illegal practices such as dangerous overcrowding.

Last year €40 million was spent on providing temporary emergency accommodation for families in hotels and B&Bs, many of which are substandard and pose genuine health and safety risks to the young families placed there.

The free state government have no reason to change this situation, nor do the opposition parties. It is not a change of government that Ireland needs but a change of governance. Until a true republic, led for the people and not the elites is built, we can expect more deaths on our streets.

If you want to make that change, join Saoradh, support our Community Support Team, #UnfinishedRevolution

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