Garda Special Branch Mistake PBP for Saoradh! – Saoradh Nuacht

Last night (Wednesday 21st March 2018) the Saoradh South Dublin Craobh held its first AGM in a community centre in Tallaght.

Because of the growth of the party in Dublin, it was decided to have two Craobhs, one in South Dublin and the other in North Dublin.

As our members arrived at the centre for the AGM they noticed the Garda Special Branch sitting in a car opposite the centre observing people coming and going from the community centre.

Unfortunately, this came as no surprise to our members who have endured countless stop n searches, house raids and have had to move venues for meetings because of threats from the special branch since Saoradh was formed in September 2016.

After the AGM our members left the community centre at 9 pm and were surprised to see the Garda Special Branch had in fact already left so our members headed home wondering where the Gestapo had gone to?

It has since transpired that People Before Profit were also meeting in the same community centre that night and had left earlier than our members.

In their over-eagerness to harass our party members the Garda Special Branch seem to have mistaken PBP members leaving the community centre as members of Saoradh which then led to this latest episode of state harassment against political activism.

Saoradh welcomes the condemnation from PBP of this blatant state harassment of political activists and we hope they will also condemn the continuing harassment Irish Republicans receive on an ongoing basis in both the twenty-six and six county statelets.

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