Garda Raids Target Saoradh in Dublin

The ‘free’ state has stepped up its harassment of Saoradh members and Republicans. In a series of early morning raids in Dublin, eight activists and their families were subjected to armed state agents forcing entry to their homes.

One home targeted by armed and masked men was occupied by a woman and her two 12 year old daughters. In another home a 15 year old Éistigi member was held at gun point by screaming members of the ‘Emergency Response Unit’, leaving him shaking with fear.

Personal property was seized including phones, laptops and other computers. The confiscated items included those belonging to children and work related equipment. In several cases the legally required receipt for seized items was not issued.

The minimum estimate of personnel involved in these raids is 60. With recent cuts to overtime and the lack of rural policing along with the high profile gangland feud in Dublin and the drugs epidemic, this is a shocking misuse of resources.

Saoradh are active in our communities around Ireland, highlighting both national issues such as internment as well as local issues like road safety. Our members in Dublin, with support from around the country, are very involved in the homeless crisis.

The current administration has created this crisis. Their neo liberal greed driven policies are forcing people into the degradation of life without a home. Saoradh campaign to end this brutal system and offer humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Several of the activists targeted yesterday are vocal in their condemnation of the 26 county administration. They have faced ongoing harassment and intimidation from the state while providing aid on the streets. These raids are a blatant attempt to stop republicans embarrassing the state by showing how they have failed the people.

Saoradh will continue to campaign for and help the victims of this crisis, regardless of the efforts to silence us.

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