Garda Criminals Break & Enter For KBC Vulture Fund – Saoradh Nuacht

On the 28th of February UVF thugs hired by KBC bank attempted to evict a family from there home in Balbriggan.

The family were thrown from there home while Balbriggan Garda looked on. By the end of the evening, the family returned to their home with the help of neighbours and friends. However, on the 1st of May, the family were due to attend court after they had left their home the Balbriggan Garda returned and took an active and criminal role in evicting the family by smashing their way into the family’s home with a battering ram and changed the locks.

They then stood watch all day and night while thugs from KBC moved in again on the family home.

Today the Criminal Garda at Balbriggan have deployed again in force and helped KBC bank vultures steal the families furniture and personal possessions. They have worked together to clean out the entire house.

Balbriggan Garda; criminals in league with vulture funds, making hard-working Irish families homeless!

Saoradh call on all citizens to support the Anti-Eviction Flying Column and oppose the Criminal repossessions of family homes.

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