“Frosty The RPG Snowman” Case Thrown Out!

Today in a British court, two Saoradh activists had a number of trumped up charges against them dropped.

In the build-up to the Christmas period last year, an image of a festive snowman presenting an RPG was painted on the window of Junior McDaid House, the image soon garnered both media and social media attention and was quickly dubbed “Mr Frosty” and in the hyperbole that followed, deemed sinister despite the obvious and harmless humour intended.

Following on from their usual tactics of harassment and intimidation, British Crown Forces subsequently seized two Saoradh activists and charged them with displaying an image that was likely to cause a breach of the peace with the snowman and also supposedly being in breach of the ‘Indecent Advertisements Act of 1889′.

After months of court appearances and with Crown Force personnel admitting they hadn’t received a single complaint in regards to the painting all charges were dropped against both Republicans.

All at Junior McDaid House welcome this decision

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