Five More Interned By Special Political Court In Dublin – Saoradh Nuacht

The Special non-jury Political Court in Dublin has railroaded five more Irish Republicans into Gaol in the southern neo-colonial state.

Kevin and Sean Hannaway, David Nooney, Eva Shannon and Edward O’Brien had faced a show trial presided over by three judges were they were accused of taking part in an IRA meeting. Covert recordings of conversations at a Dublin house were used during the ‘trial’.

The Special Political Court relies heavily on the so-called belief evidence (A Garda claims he believes you to be guilty and the court accepts this as evidence) it is an institution clearly in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights article 6 right to a fair trial. Many public figures and human rights organisations are on record calling for the abolition of this glorified military tribunal. A campaign is currently underway calling for its abolition and while it has garnered broad-based support key organisations like Amnesty remain silent on the issue.

The non-jury ‘court’ today declared the four Republicans guilty and remanded them in custody, once again increasing the number of Political Prisoners arbitrarily held by this conveyer-belt system.

Saoradh remains concerned by the rise of political persecution and internment being directed at Irish Republicans in the 26 County state and expects the situation to worsen following the appointment of Crown Force and MI5 asset Drew Harris as the new Garda Commissioner.




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