Former Republicans to Select Next Chief of British Crown Forces

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Recent comments in the media by former blueshirt and current Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald regarding the employment of the next Chief of the British Crown Forces in the Occupied Six Counties seem to have been in contrast to her party’s support for occupying forces recently.

Mary Lou said she did not have confidence in any of the current “senior command team” to succeed British Chief Constable George Hamilton once he retires in June.

Her comments come a number of days after it was highlighted that British Crown Forces failed to disclose documents relating to murders and collusion at the height of the ongoing struggle. She continuously stated that the British Force lacks credibility.

We ask, considering the lack of credibility, why does Sinn Fein still support British Crown Forces?

We ask, is it only so called legacy cases that Sinn Fein have an issue with?

We ask, what is the current Sinn Fein position on stop & searches, house raids and continuous harassment of Republicans by Crown Forces?

Following on from Mary Lou’s attempt at being a Republican, Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly, who coincidently sits on the British “Policing Board”, has now backtracked and believes that Crown Force personnel should be picked on merit and that Sinn Fein members who sit on boards will make the correct selection.

So, it has now transpired that former Republican, Gerry Kelly, will be to the fore in selecting the next British Chief of the British Crown Forces within the Occupied Six Counties.

We now ask, given the fact MI5 has primacy over “policing” within the Occupied Six Counties, will Sinn Fein now work with MI5 to select the next Chief of the British Crown Forces?

We ask, why does Sinn Fein feel compelled to implement British rule in Ireland?

We ask, is it Sinn Fein policy to support the use of child informers? Or is that a Gerry Kelly only policy?

While Mary Lou’s faux Republican comments have put a small spotlight on British Crown Forces and their role in covering up murder and collusion, the fact remains; Sinn Fein are still the main cheerleaders for British Crown Forces who are denying our National Sovereignty.