Dublin To Enforce British Border After Hard Brexit – Op-Ed by Packy Carty

Was it a Freudian slip? Irish neo-colonial minister Simon Coveney unaware his microphone was still on confirmed to a colleague the return of a hard border in Ireland, but astonishingly the contentious border drawn up and manned by the British for almost a century will this time be imposed by the Southern Irish administration.

This weekend marks the centenary of the foundation of the 32 County Irish Republic. On the 21st of January 1919, a separatist government elected by the popular democratic will of the Irish people declared independence while simultaneously the IRA, the army of the Republic engaged the Enemy at Soloheadbeg in Tipperary.

Britain through imperial might, state violence and the threat of war eventually forced on the Irish people two states, that to this day usurp the Republic of 1919 and continue to deny the Irish people democratic self-determination and sovereignty.

It smacks of irony and hypocrisy that the British border in Ireland has become a quagmire for the British government’s attempts to extricate itself from the EU 

Britain claims Brexit is about restoring British Sovereignty yet 100 years ago the British violently created both states in Ireland to serve its imperial interests denying the Irish their right to national sovereignty. Should the neo-colonial administration in Dublin set about maintaining the British border in Ireland as Coveney suggests then its subservience to British and EU imperialism rather than the interests of the Irish people will be clear for all to see.

For Ireland to truly prosper, for Britain to end the calamity of Brexit, partition the enduring crime of empire, the root cause of conflict in Ireland for a century, must come to an end.

The two failed states that have for so long served British interests on this island must finally be replaced by the all Ireland Republic, subservient only to the Irish people.

Packy Carty is a former Political Prisoner and Saoradh Activist from East Tyrone

Soloheadbeg Unfinished Revolution

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