Derry Under Attack – Brits Deployed In Bogside – Saoradh Statement

For over a week now civil unrest centred around the Bogside and the Fountain has taken place, youths from both Republican and Loyalist backgrounds have traded sectarian attacks against one another in the City.

Saoradh abhors sectarianism and calls on the working class youth of Derry to desist from their attacks against both the Fountain and the Bogside. There is no place in Republicanism or in Irish society for sectarianism. Saoradh has been on the ground attempting to stop sectarian attacks, in the process one of our activists had his car burned out.

The failed Northern State is a sectarian entity, it is sectarian by the design, it is the outworkings of the classic divide and conquer strategy of British imperialism.

The working class youth of Derry both Catholic and Protestant have been attacked by all quarters this week for the outbreak of sectarian violence, the youth of Derry have grown up in sectarian segregation, they have grown up in one of the most economically deprived areas in Western Europe, this sectarian division and economic hardship are not natural phenomena they are intentional strategy and policy emanating from successive British Governments and the constitutional Parties that administer British Rule in Ireland.

So when the political elite in Derry come together to utter mealy mouthed condemnation they engage in the worst form of hypocrisy, like parasites they live of the sectarian divide that blights the Irish people.

As these confrontations intensified the British Crown Forces used the opportunity to launch attacks on Republican Free Derry, armoured convoys entered the area and people were attacked and snatched indiscriminately, Saoradh activists who had been trying to prevent sectarian attacks were targeted.

The Republican Bogside were forced into a defensive action and the media has reported that the Crown Forces were engaged with grenades and by automatic rifle fire from an individual who identified himself as “Derry Brigade IRA”.

Last night the Crown Forces shot several youths with Plastic Bullets, a weapon that in the past has claimed lives and has been condemned by human rights organisations internationally, one youth was hit below the throat in an attack that almost claimed his life, Saoradh condemn this orchestrated British Crown Force violence directed at the Republican people of Derry.

This morning armoured units of the British Army have entered the Bogside in the what Saoradh view as an intensification of the British Crown Force attacks on the Republican people of the Bogside.

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