Davy Jordan oration, from British Army protest – Saoradh Nuacht

Today, Saoradh mobilised in Belfast, to face down attempts by former British Soldiers seeking to rewrite their role in oppressing Irish freedom and engaging in war crimes.

Here is the text of Saoradh National Chairperson, Davy Jordan’s oration.

“As Revolutionary Republican Socialists it is our duty to present a revolutionary analysis on all of the issues in which we are involved in addressing. This very weekend we will assemble throughout this nation and pay tribute, not only to the people who declared our Republic but to the ideals on which that Republic was formed. What is occurring in this town today is shameful. It doesn’t constitute a demand for immunity from prosecution because we all know, and the organisers of the rally all know, that immunity from prosecution was granted by the British Government to its paid assassins a long, long time ago.
The family members of victims and the victim’s groups who are gathered with us today can attest the truth of this fact better than I ever could. Today’s British army veterans rally is an extension of the imperialist agenda to carefully foster divisions in this country. Sectarianism is as vital a component part in the makeup and the sustenance of British rule today as it was when James Connolly challenged it in Poblacht na hÉireann 1916. The organisers of today’s rally elicited a wave of grief when they proposed that a similar event be held right on the scene of the Bloody Sunday massacre last January. So forceful was the expression of a people’s grief and anger that the veterans were forced on that occasion to cancel their event. An analysis of their failure to rally in Derry returned a conclusion that encouraged them to exploit sectarian divisions in Belfast and ensure that a rally would succeed here.
This entire fiasco is a manifestation of what happens when imperialism conjoins with the supremacist ideology which it creates for the sole purpose of provoking and thereby disempowering a native people. They don’t want an amnesty because they already have one. Who among them has been prosecuted or incarcerated for any of the hundreds upon thousands of murders that they committed in Ireland, Kenya Aden, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria? Those who have been convicted have had their charges reduced like Alexander Blackman just recently or have been freed, readmitted and promoted in the ranks like Lee Clegg was after murdering Karen Reilly and Martin McPeake just up the road from here. Let’s not forget 18-year-old Peter McBride, who’s mother is here today, shot down in the street by British soldiers Mark Wright and James Fisher who upon serving only a short sentence were released and welcomed back into the British Army.
We can determine, therefore, that what these people actually want is that all of the many questions that arise from their crimes in Ireland cease and be replaced with an acceptance from the Irish people that the British Government can do as it pleases. Imperialism is defined as being a policy which extends a Country’s power through colonisation. England’s power in the minds of the British Government and their native supporters in Ireland is absolute. In being deemed absolute then how could they express remorse for what they have done and do in the name of colonialism? So while the reactionary right wing remnants of empire rally adjacent to us today surely the most fitting way to confront them is with a revolutionary response that exposes the ugliness of that they seek and defend.
There can be no solution to any of the issues associated with British rule in Ireland until the core cause of conflict in Ireland ie. British Rule has been addressed and fully resolved. In organising ourselves against British rule we must always be wary of the traps that are laid to ensnare us. As Easter approaches it is perhaps the most appropriate time to look at what imperialism creates here and reflect on Connolly’s teachings. We will remain oblivious to the divisions that are carefully fostered by an alien government in all of our efforts and we will not be deflected or provoked by the antics of these deluded ignorant and fascist-minded bullies today. We will however never remain passive while British imperialism, today led by Teresa May, seeks to exploit Britains former paid assassins and their supporters, in an attempt to retrospectively re-write the history of Ireland and present it to the world as being a history of carnage , plundering and death that occurred bereft of British involvement, British crime, British terrorism and British murder.”
Every revolutionary must always keep in mind the maxim – the duty of every revolutionary is to make revolution – bequeathed to us by that great revolutionary  Che Guevara”


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