Crown Forces to launch ‘collaborators’ scheme in Newry – Saoradh Nuacht

Saoradh Slam Newry PSNI Collaborators Scheme

The newly formed revolutionary republican party Saoradh [Liberation] has slammed the announcement that a “safety warden scheme” is being rolled out across the Newry area.

The party, which was launched at their Ard Fheis last year in Newry, and is now active in the area, has described the initiative as “yet another petty normalisation stunt”.

Condemning the project Saoradh activist Cliodhna McCool commented “These type of projects are nothing new and are simply part of the state forces “Normalisation” policy.

“In recent years we have seen several such normalisation schemes launched including “Pizza and Peelers”, “Coffee with a Cop” and now we have this “safety warden scheme” which will work closely with the PSNI. Disturbingly, It must also be pointed out that those involved will be on uniformed foot patrol and will drive marked cars whilst on patrol. It’s clear that this is simply PSNI by proxy.”

Continuing Cliodhna stated “Whilst counter revolutionaries are busy fawning over state agencies and are vociferously trying to incorporate them into our communities, the reality for republicans on the ground consists of house raids, intimidation and harassment in the form of stop and searches.

“Indeed in the Newry area alone there have been roughly 4,000 stop and searches, along with over 220 raids on family homes and other premises since 2009.

“There is a genuine concern amongst local republicans that these so-called “safety wardens” will be acting as the eyes and ears of the British Crown forces. Will it be the case that these wardens will be called upon to enter an area deemed too dangerous for this armed militia to patrol?”.

Cliodhna concluded “I would urge local republicans to actively oppose such initatives and we in Saoradh call for an end to all collaboration with the British Crown Forces”.

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  • Bobby h

    More lies from a British police force who only do the will of their masters and don’t care about our communities or our children

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